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TMC Blog

The Modern Cheater

Case Study # 1

Cold busted!

In our last technology post we went into the cell phone and how, if improperly used, it can mess you up faster than you can say divorce lawyer. From time to time we’ll share with you the things NOT to do when having an affair and the crazy, careless and utterly avoidable things people do to trip themselves up. So without further ado, here’s Case Study # 1.

My buddy, we’ll call him T, had a good thing going. He had (notice the past tense) a sexy lil redhead who was a good girl by day and down for anything by night.  She knew he was married and didn’t care, all she wanted was a good pounding once a week or so and she was happy. She would do anything T wanted in the bedroom, and I do mean anything! There was absolutely nothing that she wouldn’t try. T couldn’t believe his luck, he was having fun doing all the freaky stuff he could imagine, living out all his perverted fantasies with her. She had an even hotter friend who lived out of town and they were both down to screw V’s brains out. They made plans for the threesome and my man was flying high on cloud nine.

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The Selfishness of Knowing It All…


The Selfishness of Knowing It All…

And sharing your opinion with people you don’t know.

TMC here, bringing you a quick case study on what it feels like to be judged and found lacking.

You know, around here, we try really hard to stay on top of what’s going on in the world of sex, love and affairs, and sometimes, we stumble upon something so helpful, we have to share! And other times, we find things that, like C&C Music Factory, make us wanna go hmmmm…

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Santize Series # 2 – The Cell Phone

tick tick boom

In our last technology post we discussed briefly how dangerous your cell phone can be to your affair. In fact, it’s a ticking time bomb so if you’re smart you’ve never, never taken any pictures or video of your affair, or have any incriminating websites on your phone and have never gotten any incriminating numbers, texts or BBM’s. Most of us however, have all these on our phone and constantly monitor it, trying to scrub all traces of anything that could land us in trouble. You might be diligent at monitoring your phone but know this; all it takes is one text, pic, email or call for your life to implode. If you guard your phone like the Hope Diamond sooner or later your significant other is going to notice. It’s exhausting hiding the phone all the time and the anxiety of knowing something might come through that’ll mess you up isn’t easy to live with.

The solution to this is simple. Get a throwaway phone.

Cell phones are cheap nowadays and it’s easy to get a decent phone that does all the things you need for minimum cost. For our purposes all you need the phone to do is make and receive calls, text and maybe have Internet access. Virtually all mobile phones, even pay as you go phones, come with these features as standard. has a great selection and even the most inexpensive models come with most of the above features. You won’t want to spend much on this phone, it’s called a throwaway for a reason. If things get hairy you should be prepared to chuck it anytime.

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Put It Right There, Baby….

make it hurt...just a little

Oh, Baby, Put It Right There…

And make it hurt…just a little.

Or, why you chose to have an affair on your summer vacation.

TMC here, keeping it classy, ladies and gentlemen. Just like Ron Burgundy, but with less ‘stache.

Let me ask you a question:  When was the last time you were in the middle of having sex with your spouse and you thought to yourself ‘this would be so much better if I just bit her/him right…about…now”?

Three months ago when you last found time to have sex between work, kids, soccer and laundry? Yeah, we thought so. Here at TMC, we like to look at things realistically, and you know what we always say, if you can’t be faithful be careful, but what if this one time, you weren’t just faithful or careful, but honest?

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